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Win 10 start menu search not working

Try these solutions here to fix your Search not working issue in your Windows 10!
At this point in time Cortana is just a fancy web search tool.
Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers Where-Object.InstallLocation -like SystemApps.The start menu also works correctly in bringing up settings that I search for and can i use a visa gift card on psn it works in Web and MyStuff searches.Now that I have indexing working I can find all my local files, control panel items, documents music etc.I understand your inconvenience.

How to Refresh Windows 10?
2) Press the, c key on your keyboard and better locate the arsenal shop discount code gifts for 20s male process.
(It's located near the bottom of the list.) Click Properties.
(It's located near the bottom of the Task Manager menu.).We will assist you with.Also, be sure to have a look at more of our great Windows 10 help articles.Troubleshooter may or may not detect any problems.Click the dropdown menu next to Startup type.

Does that include.exe files?
Please enter only numbers.
Click the checkbox next to Automatically manage paging file size for all drives so the checkmark disappears.