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What is the simple gift about

what is the simple gift about

Maybe the secret to writing an effective and striking image is empathy - putting yourself in the place of each character.
It really is that good.
But I did meet lots of people who helped me, and were friendly.The notion of the spiritual versus the material is something that informs a lot of my writing.My parents had no great expectations for me, and they put no pressure whatsoever.Yeah, that's fine, but what about belonging!But first, one mighty big disclaimer I'm not a teacher, or a HSC examiner, so what I say may be not what they're after.

It was probably the best gift shops albury place I slept - warm and comfortable (and free!).
Once I had this location, it was a relatively simple thing to put my character Billy in the carriage, and see what happened.
I wanted to explore the relationship between a young man and an old man.
Lots of books, sure, and lounges soft and comfortable for real reading, and I choose one in the corner and I settle down with a book about these kids stranded on a deserted island and some try to live right but the others go feral.I try to inhabit the world of each of my characters.It's the sort of place he probably first read about hobos and dreamed about adventure.The HSC looms large.Question Answer format, my thoughts on "the simple gift".That is, I give them a set of moral parameters (for want of a better description) - so in "gift" * how will Billy respond to help from Ernie, the train-driver?The sentences ramble on, with erratic punctuation (which kids would probably enjoy but it is never confusing.Did you meet someone like Old Bill, or Caitlin when you were travelling?

So your characters develop as you write the story?
Billy is a 16-year old kid whos walked out on his drunk, abusive father and hopped a train, in the tradition of the old-time hobos ridin the rails.
That word certainly came into play in how I created the character of Old Bill.