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Thank you gifts for daycare providers

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But this same mom calls me every couple of weeks just to tell me I'm d that she is SO happy w/ her son's care, d that is a great gift!
More recently though, one family would give me a 20 check and a very nice, unique Christmas ornament.They also groupon gifts for men were the 2 that helped at my xmas party today from 9-1 and a just wonderful!Christmas movies, and I mentioned that I didn't have "It's A Wonderful Life" and the only time it was on was Christmas Eve, and I'd miss seeing.Respect and appreciation, understanding, consideration, etc.I'm lucky the past few years I've had wonderful dcps who really show their appreciation throughout the year with notes and cards or small tokens.You have these children every day, you see their parents every day and they should know what you like.

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I like gifts that are for me I have one family that for the last 3 years has given win a shopping spree 2018 us a certificate to a different restaurant, ones that we probably would have never gone to on our own.
I also love getting a sweet thank you for taking such wonderful care of my child card - with thanks for all the extras I do for them!
There's never enough money for all the books I want to read.Another family was just great about listening to little comments I made.Two year old Alex was getting ready to potty train.Has anyone regretted having a second kid?And she always gave me nice, thoughtful cards too!Poems For Kids, poems For Mothers, poems For Fathers.As an FYI.several years ago, Dear Abby published in her column what the appropriate gift amount should be for different service providers, including childcare providers.ediquette says for childcare providers that the gift should equal one week's pay.