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Sharpie marker set giveaway

I just got a paint pen.
Im sure youve seen them all over.
First, cheap mugs work best penn mindfulness discount code due to the inexpensive glaze used.
Use Folk Art enamels paint applying with a brush or paint pens for glass only!I do a lot of glass work with them and have the same result.But dont use on food dishes.It didnt work for me!

This should properly incorporate the ink with the glaze.
I used oil based sharpies.
Probably covering with polyurethane and hand wash only!
I bought porcelain paint markers specifically for this.There are markers meant specifically for ceramics and those Ive had the best luck with.Mine has been through dishwasher a dozen times for sure.Have you done Sharpie Marker Mugs?The sharpies worked and I already had them.Also I used regular sharpies and it doesnt come off.Images from, savvy Sugar, A Beautiful Mess, Just Imagine, Tuts.Careful not to touch drawing area with hands.My aunt did it one year, I think she used car paint for scratch fixes.Washed mugs first, put them in cold oven and heat to 425 for 20 minutes and left them in there until they cooled down.