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Seventeenth birthday gifts

seventeenth birthday gifts

My boyfriend and I have been going out for 4 months and his birthday is coming.
Penny (10/20/2010) By Penny Custar Comment Was this helpful?
If you have a little money, one of my favorite gifts is lottery tickets.
Buy him a sweater.
He's a drummer and doesn't have a favorite band and doesn't like sports.That way, he can distinguish his special soap from the family soap (if you use the condom idea you surely don't want his family discovering the special surprise!).I just need help.For the glamorous girl, this.Maybe even a shirt of yours that he like so that it'll always remind him of you.By bryguy Birthday Gift Ideas for 17 Year Old Boyfriend Take him to a movie that only a guy would really amc gift card retailers want to go to and buy his snacks.I gifted him a picture frame with our picture a wallet!He loves cars, burnouts, and games, It's in a week.When it cools and starts to thicken, put in your little surprises.Give him a booklet of 10 or even 12 (one a month).

And if you're not sexually active (Good for you!
I want too get him something unique.
I have no idea what to get him for his birthday!Snacks, pizza, dessert of the month (1 dessert every month a giant cake all for him.Mix well and pour the liquid into a mold (little cake molds are great).My boyfriend is turning 17 in five days.(10/13/2010) By Judy Comment Was this helpful?And even if you don't win anything, you feel good about supporting various services,.e.Yes, i like gifts of time!By Jay Answer this Question.In NY, lottery money supports public education.

For example, either bake a little cake or make soap with special surprises inside (making sure he doesn't eat the surprises by mistake!).
A 1 ticket can potentially be worth thousands or even millions.
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