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This makes the existence of the Reasonable Authority Figure all the rarer.
An interesting example because even though viewers are expected to have some sympathy for the protagonists, Popeunderstandablynever supports their goal of escape.
As a humble police officer, he realizes something bad is happening he can't control, but where did he get all those weapons?
Grand Admiral Thrawn is one of the bad guys (although not strictly evil ) and executed a tractor beam operator for failing to catch Luke's ship, and then lying to Thrawn about not having performed training that could have kept the tractor beam emitter from.
Films Animated Outside of the interactive electronic oeuvre, practically every female protagonist in the Disney Animated Canon since The soccer com promo codes august 2017 Black Cauldron has been of this type (Ariel, Jasmine, Pocahontas, etc.Unfortunately for her, she's not Dumbledore so close to half the school is dead set against her.Her even being a bard is the direct cause of her having been legally stripped of royal status mostly because her brother had a snit fit when she refused the Arranged Marriage he'd set up in favour of attending the Bardic College - the prince.That said, when the other high-ranking crew on the Lost Light are Rodimus, a Hot-Blooded Glory Hound Manchild who pretends to be dead to get out of difficult conversations, and Ultra Magnus, a By-the-Book Cop to such an extent that he once threw someone.Everyone everyone in the world of Idiocracy resented Joe, because he talked differently and because his ideas, to them, sounded crazy.He's further frustrated when ordered to invade Shanxi, stating it will only escalate the situation.On the flip side, if she's chewing you out over something it's usually a pretty safe bet you've done something to earn.The web comic Darths Droids seem to be playing this trope straighter (or at least more Neutral Good ) than Star Wars did.Veronica is set up to be this but reluctantly carries out her mother's will.Luxa from The Underland Chronicles is technically a queen, still she owns this trope completely, but makes it seem pretty cool.Jenna in Septimus Heap starts off as this, but she becomes cat bereavement gifts more accepting of her role as the series progresses.She managed to defuse an entire civil war from even happening with logic personalised travel journal gift and comedy of all things as she knew force would only make things worse.

Drizzt Do'Urden is a famous Rare Male Example, who displays both the characteristics and the character arc in increasingly overtly defying his family and gods.
She has the brash, stuborn personality down perfectly, though.
Miles Edgeworth becomes one after his HeelFace Turn, when he stops worrying about his record and starts sincerely pursuing the truth.
Artemis Butler of the web-novel Domina, despite being a gang lord.That is, until she was forced to become Steel Regent.Palpatine : In the wrong hands, such a thingnote The Peace Moon (aka The Death Star) could.She balks at the gender roles society wants to place her in, refusing to marry some asshat solely so her family's land stays in the family and instead joining the Royal Navy as a midshipman while her grandfather tries to get the agnatic primogeniture law.President Tom Beck in Deep Impact.