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Pop up card gift box

pop up card gift box

If you missed my last post, here's a video of the card in action: This card is not as hard as it seems new year gift gdh to make.
Image 6 shows what the assembled box and ribbon look like.
Fold at the dotted lines and align them as shown in image 4, but do not insert into the inside card yet.
This part will become the lid of the box. These 2 parts are identical (there is no left or right version and will form the sides of the box.Its so adorable and simple! . This gift box popup card is very versatile and can amazon gift card giveaway 2015 be used for many different occasions. Position the earrings first before assembling the platform into the inside card. This will create a pocket for the edges of the box to slide into. The red one is perfect for Valentine's day! I've shown what this looks like in image. Thanks again for supporting my website. Insert the inside card into the corners of the outside card (page 3 of the template).If you enjoyed this tutorial, please leave a comment to tell me what you think.If you want to purchase the template for this card, please follow this link to my template store: Gift Box Pop Up Card Template.

If you've made the pop up card, let me know what you put inside the box.
Please head over to ShirAs blog for the step by step tutorial.
Match the slots in the center fold of part D with the slots in part E as shown in image. Tie the ribbon in a nice bow as shown in image.Image 3 shows what the finished lid looks like. These 3 tabs will be inserted into the inside card in the middle of the box.For those of you who want to make the box look like a Tiffany Co box, you can use turquoise colored card stock. Let me know if you hear any difference. Cut out 2 pieces of felt and tape/glue them to the top of part.