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Online deal sourcing

With more than 90,000 customers worldwide, Intralinks solutions have been selected by 99 of Fortune 1000 companies.
As an example, a browning x bolt long range hunter 300 win mag boutique may specialize in the TMT sector enabling them to be more readily informed when it comes to suitable companies potentially agreeable to entering a deal process.
Deal sourcing is fundamental to M A activity and represents the first stage of any deal.
Conversely, if the number of buyers and sellers is in equilibrium, deals can west marine coupon code july 2017 be found more easily.Platforms such as PitchBook and Crunchbase incorporate company research (key private company financials and full public company financials valuations, terms and multiples, cap tables, deal histories, exits and IPOs, investor portfolios, venture capital placing, news, analysis and custom analytics.This survey examines the adoption of these technologies and notable changes over the past two years.While a boutique may possess a more limited database of companies and fewer resources in terms of analysts researching the market, the targets they provide are specialized.The 2015 study has shown that conventional social media platforms are actually being passed over in favour of more specialized deal networks that can provide customized functions to its users.Use Intralinks deal sourcing tools to research private equity deal sourcing firms, individuals and portfolio companies, and key transaction criteria to find matching buyers who are actively seeking deals.Intralinks makes deal marketing easy, too.For those not yet ready to take the leap into online deal-sourcing, social media platforms can still be useful.Similarly, a change in strategy may lead to a company spinning off certain business units/assets, which do not help the company achieve its objectives but which may be attractive to certain acquirers.The 2015 survey predicts that online deal sourcing adoption will continue to grow into 2016.Online Deal Platforms, there has been a proliferation of online deal sourcing platforms in recent years, where buy- and sell-side parties can exchange information to a wider audience than would be typical for an ordinary M A process conducted by an investment bank, for instance.As the engagement progresses, transition content to an online deal room and take off running when due diligence begins.

The way in which deals can be sourced depends partly on market conditions.
The 2013 survey has since been followed up with a second survey in 2015: Deal Networks and the Evolution of Getting M A Deals Done.
On balance, deals sourced by investment banks are most likely to pass the litmus test in terms of suitability by meeting the minimum quality threshold of the acquirer/investor, and therefore are more likely to successfully close.
Finally, deals originated in-house can be orchestrated to fit the exact strategic objectives of the company without entering an auction process, which is sometimes the case when directly engaging an intermediary such as an investment bank to source a deal.
With the support of an investment bank, the acquiring company will seek to identify suitable targets with operations, product/services and geographies matching those already in existence or those matching a new direction in which the acquirer wishes to move.More accurate matching of buyers and sellers fosters shorter marketing times to identify and engage with the right buyer (or multiple buyers if an auction process is being considered) which results in a shorter and more efficient deal process overall.Social media is intended to be used spontaneously as a quick and informal method of communication, but company statements must be closely monitored during transactions or reporting periods.There are a myriad of ways in which a deal sourcing strategy can be supported with the most common being: investment banks in-house origination team online platforms other intermediaries and networks trade shows and conferences, investment Banks, at the large end of the deal space.Approaches to deal sourcing vary between firms.Although adoption remains steady, usage itself has grown since 2013.They can also be effective post-deal: when companies have merged, a social intranet can improve efficiency and transparency as well as create cultural unity between entities.