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Mjr premier rewards register card

Edwardian Silver Vesta Chester 1907.
London regiment are always interesting to research and this will prove a fascinating project, Im sure.
Cold War Era Russian Pineapple Grenade A great example of an inert cold war era Russian pineapple grenade, the base has been filled with metal for weight, it is marked to the side with TF, comes with its paper fuse protector.
French 1874 Pattern Gras Bayonet.A very good quality bi-metal badge for the 12th Prince of Waless Royal Lancers.The blade slips into a steel scabbard fitted with two hanger rings with nickel straps.It was entered into the London Gazette on 28th September 1917, this along with a copy of his medal index card is included.It has a black composite handle with 'SS' runes and Eagle buy membership rewards points in cast metal.

To have taken part in three or more infantry counter-attacks.
The scabbard is all steel and this one has been painted black.
Apart from that it comes in very good original condition.
It has a decorated sheath, the knife has a wooden grip and brass pommel; it has a crude steel curved blade which fits nice and tightly in its sheath.
They come totally untouched, so some of the paint is worn in areas, but they seem to be in very good order regarding.I've skip read the opening section and the author appears to have been attached as a driver ( car not horse) to the headquarters staff of the first cavalry division which allowed him to travel around and pick up interesting stories from the soldiers.The first flight of the prototype, serial number J6989, flown.S.W.Clarke 1989, on the back is a lable which reads: Avro Lancaster.This true pair comes in excellent condition, and both still retain their backing plates.This one is in very good untouched condition, it shows very little wear although all of the silver wash is heavily toned.A wonderful little booklet dated 1890, containing hand coloured illustrated pages of German uniforms from 1648 to 1890, showing both infantry and cavalry.