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Marketing gift baskets

marketing gift baskets

While working on the initial business plan for BOG, Susan held two focus groups, each with seven to nine people, to determine customer preferences in regards to gift baskets.
Sponsor and promote a contest or sweepstakes.
Ask your clients to come back again.
Send birthday cards and appropriate seasonal greetings, and be consistent.
Extend your hours of operation.These brochures will be dispersed through many different sources.Join a Chamber of Commerce or other organization.Create a friendly bumper sticker for your car.Write a column for the local newspaper, local business journal or trade publication.Announce free or special offers in your direct response pieces.Pricing - BOG will be charging a per basket fee for the stock production baskets.Describe how the organization helped you.Publicize your 500th customer of the year (or other notable milestone).Consider placing ads in your newspapers classified section.Advertise during peak seasons for your business.

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper or to a trade magazine editor.
Reduce the labor costs for order fulfillment by 3 a year.
(Bill them every 30 days.
Hire a marketing consultant to brainstorm with.Host a holiday party.Maintain a consultant card file for finding designers, writers and other marketing professionals.Let's face it, this market space is already crowded and a mediocre gift basket service is not going to fly, so Basket of Goodies must have some sort of differentiating feature that lets it stand out.It should contain contact details including parker uniforms online coupons your Web site address and key information about your company that will make the reader want to contact you.The focus groups proved to be a very worthwhile exercise giving Susan valuable insight into the participant's minds as well as confirming a number of assumptions that Susan held.Or send direct mail in plain kraft paper envelopes to pique recipients curiosity.

Decrease the marginal per customer acquisition costs by 8 per year.