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Lowest win rate champions

lowest win rate champions

Top 5 Ban Ratio, zoe - free entry to win money (70.35 ezreal - (47.57).
Only Mordekaiser, Aurelion Sol, Ivern, and Skarner have been played less during the last month.
Jhin is very popular, and he's winning a lot of games thanks to his high range and damage Lee Sin makes a recovery from his bad win rate in Master, with over 52 in Challenger.Excessively Sexual/Violent Content.By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.Yorick makes a few appearances among the lower tiers.However, just because you see a bunch of champions being played on streams and in esports competitions, doesn't mean they're necessarily good for your level.However, lots of people are picking and winning with Shyvana, and Gangplank is one of the most picked top laners right now, as m&s home discount well as being the one with the highest win rate.Understandably, AD carries dominate the top of the list of the most picked champions.Create Post, important /r/leagueoflegends does not currently support the reddit redesign.Everyone knows how good Kleptomancy Ezreal and Zoe are right now, while barely anyone plays Nunu or Ivern.The top five all have over a 53 win rate, but of those, it's clear who the most popular is right now.People probably just don't have a lot of practice with him.Taric is winning a lot of games right now, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's the best.

Meanwhile Ryze is still proving difficult to play with in Challenger, with.59 win rate.
Miss Fortune is a popular choice at the moment, and can even be played as a support champ Nunu's bottom of the pile again, and Gragas replaces LeBlanc.
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There are a handful that are just very good right now, and the champion pool for other roles is generally larger.Best LoL Champion in Platinum Top 5 Win brooklyn college bookstore coupon code Rate Shyvana - (54.75) Taric - (54.70) Warwick - (54.21) Leona - (54.09) Singed - (54.05) Worst 5 Win Rate Nunu - (44.22) Ryze - (44.43) Galio - (45.54) Syndra - (45.65) Cassiopeia - (46.66) We're starting.Shares or advertises cheats/exploits.Does not contribute to the discussion.Vayne is highly popular in the lower tiers, as she's always been.There are champions with higher win rate than Katarina, but she's a lot more popular in middle Top 5 Support Win Rate Alistar - (53.50) Leona - (53.42) Taric - (53.26) Blitzcrank - (52.85) Maokai - (52.40) Over in the world of supports, crowd control.Master Yi slips down into the bottom five in Diamond, and Nunu is dead last, as usual.The important statistics for the champions that were actually played this month are that Jhin has a 55 win rate, and Ezreal has.73 win rate.He's near the top of both the pick ratio list, and the ban ratio list, but Zoe is far ahead in bans.