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List of pakistani nobel prize winners

Wieman, Physics, 2001 Leland.
44 "Abdus Salam-Biography Nobel Foundation, forever new orleans gift shop retrieved April 5, 2012.
Retrieved 34 "The Nobel Prize in Literature 1988 Nobel Foundation, retrieved March 24, 2012.
Organizations are listed here if the Nobel Prize committee relates them to a single country.
Prusiner, Physiology or Medicine, 1997 Richard.Taylor., Physics, 1993 Phillip.North, Economics, 1993 Toni Morrison, Literature, 1993 Russell.35 'Nobel Lecture by Naguib Mahfouz Nobel Foundation,retrieved April 5, 2012.18 "Outgoing iaea chief leaves complex legacy Jahn, George (30 November 2009 Associated Press, accessed 5 February 2011.Note that Doris Lessing born and raised for 5 years in modern day Iran is a fellow laureate.Mullis, Chemistry, 1993 Robert.59 All Nobel Laureates, Nobel Foundation, retrieved April 6, 2012.Campbell, Physiology or Medicine, 2015 John Hume, Peace, 1998 Séamus Heaney, Literature, 1995 Seán MacBride, Peace, 1974 Samuel Beckett, Literature, 1969 Ernest Walton, Physics, 1951 George Bernard Shaw Literature, 1925.Banting, Physiology or Medicine, 1923 John James Rickard Macleod, born in Scotland, Physiology or Medicine, 1923 Ernest Rutherford, born in New Zealand, Chemistry, 1908 Pablo Neruda, Literature, 1971 Gabriela Mistral, Literature, 1945 China, Republic of edit Main article: List of Chinese Nobel laureates Charles.

Hulse, Physics, 1993 Joseph.
Merton, Economics, 1997 Myron Scholes, born in Canada, Economics, 1997 Jody Williams, Peace, 1997 Steven Chu, Physics, 1997 William.
2005 Mohamed El Baradei (b.
Schawlow, Physics, 1981 David.
Hitchings, Physiology or Medicine, 1988 Charles.Jensen, Literature, 1944 Henrik Dam, Physiology or Medicine, 1943 Johannes Fibiger, Physiology or Medicine, 1926 Niels Bohr, Physics, 1922 August Krogh, Physiology or Medicine, 1920 Karl Adolph Gjellerup, Literature, 1917 Henrik Pontoppidan, Literature, 1917 Fredrik Bajer, Peace, 1908 Niels Ryberg Finsen, born in Faroe Islands.1 "The Nobel Peace Prize 1978 Nobel Foundation, retrieved March 24, 2012.Sadat's famous slogan, "I am a Muslim president of a Muslim state" ' 4 " Anwar Al-Sadat, The First Islamist Ruler In Egypt's Modern History Coptic Nationalism, posted March 30, 2012, retrieved April 7, 2012.Millikan, Physics, 1923 Woodrow Wilson, Peace, 1919 Theodore.Krebs, Physiology or Medicine, 1992 Ronald Coase, born in the United Kingdom, Economics, 1991 Elias James Corey, Chemistry, 1990 Merton."Abdus Salam is known to be a devout Scientist, whose religion does not occupy a separate compartment of his life; it is inseparable from his work and family life.Oct 22, oct 22, oct 22, oct 22, oct 22, oct 22, oct 22, oct 22, oct 22 Oct 22 Oct 22 Oct 22 Oct 22 Ebrahim Noroozi/AP Sep 21 Play m 1:48 Sep 12 Suggested Interests.Engle, Economics, 2003 Anthony.