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Currency union A group of countries that agree to peg their exchange rates and to coordinate their monetary policies so as to avoid the need for currency realignments.
Its main objective is poverty reduction, "to be achieved through political dialogue, development aid and closer economic and trade cooperation." Council for Mutual Economic Assistance An international organization formed in 1956 among the Soviet Union and other Communist countries to coordinate economic development and trade.
Corruption Dishonest or partial behavior on the part of a government official or employee, such as a customs or procurement officer.In international trade, this could be one explanation for dumping.Correlation result A theoretical property of models with arbitrary numbers of goods or other variables that takes the form of a correlation among variables rather than the strict prediction for each one that may not be attainable.This environmental danger was resolved by banning these chemicals as well as banning trade in products that included them, new year gift gdh through the Montreal Protocol.May constitute nontariff barriers.Common Reporting Standard A standard developed by the oecd and approved July15, 2014, calling on countries to obtain and share information from their financial institutions, with the purpose of deterring tax non-compliance.The existence of well-behaved community preferences requires restrictive assumptions about individual preferences and/or incomes.

Consular fees and formalities Charges and procedures required of importers.
Such a function is also called homogeneous of degree one or linearly homogeneous.
Ceteris paribus Latin phrase meaning, approximately, "holding other things constant." Used as shorthand for indicating the effect of one economic variable on another, holding constant all other variables that may affect the second variable.
Confidence fairy A term used frequently in New York Times opinion pieces by Paul Krugman during and after the global recession that began in 2007, referring to the views of those who believe that the economy can be stimulated by balancing government budgets.Countervailing duty A tariff levied against imports easy diy birthday gifts for friends because they are subsidized by the exporting country's government, designed to offset (countervail) the effect of the subsidy.Coupon The interest payment on a bond, so-named because bonds originally were pieces of paper with small sections, called coupons, that were cut off and exchanged for the interest payments.They are family controlled and have strong ties to government.Compensating variation An amount of money that just compensates a person, group, or whole economy, for the welfare effects of a change in the economy, thus discount auto show tickets cleveland 2016 providing a monetary measure of that change in welfare.Current account A country's international transactions arising from current flows, as opposed to changes in stocks which are part of the financial account (formerly the capital account ).