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Let me win a superbowl with you

let me win a superbowl with you

I didnt even care since my team wasnt in the bloch discount code uk finals but there are few sport truths more self held and evident to me/my family than fuckkkkkkk Brady/the Pats/Bill/Kraft/etc Yeah, the Pats didn't "let" the Eagles trampoline park coupon code win.
Today the POC in the office were so smug and our (primarily) white colleagues who naturally love the pats were so fucking annoyed at our gloating.
I wonder how inconsolable Brady is right now.
It was a nice gesture love her!
Now a football field is only one hundred yards long, and he racked up that many yards in two year!(no subject) - neverhft. Thats crazy!Expand (no subject) - itsalanisbitch, expand (no subject) - bluecassettes.He can just see his buddy drumpf at home nbd (no subject) - brandnewinfo, expand (no subject) - bellwetherr, expand, he didn't go last year?They were hysterical after the game.

Fuck the eagles for their fans being rude to my fans when they won then coming to my city but also fuck yea, fuck the patriots and transparent brady, im glad the eagles won.
He has five rings, i'm sure he's fine.
He doesn't have to visit the Orange House, I'm sure he's relieved.
Politics and/or Religion.
Create Post r/nfl Rules.If we're gonna shade anyone for being a poor sport, it should be her husband first and foremost.This is a lot better than the last time they lost, although her comments last time were hilarious and prophetic! Every good football team losses games, and the Lions have already had their share of losses over the years; now I believe that its their time to win! I dont know his exact yardage or the exact number of touchdowns that he has had off of the top of my head, but I do know off of the top of my head that that the last two years he has racked.NFL: National Football League News Discussion m/r/nfl/comments/.Thats how someone would phrase it in Portuguese tbh (no subject) - ichdontthinksoo Expand (no subject) - abcdlovelife Expand I want my hair to look like that every day. The numbers and the amount yards and touchdowns that he has had proves.