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Law school gifts funny

law school gifts funny

Shopping for lawyers come holiday season can be a real drag.
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This isnt for amateurs.
Thats why you can get a lawyer this brass knuckles coffee mug so they can kick butt and take names while sipping their morning cup of joe.
Law school is all about constant reading, studying, stressing and shuttling between classes which all takes up much more than your typical 40-hour work week.Or for when youve actually completely lost it, and need a non-felonious and non-murdery way to experience your Vietnam-style flashback.But the information contained within is measured at 250 mL!Get your together, have a couple of drinks, and get ready to understand exactly how true the games motto A Party Game for Horrible People really.Bright personalised travel journal gift red with white letters means you can read it from 20 feet away.

Oh, and just for fun, heres a photo of one round of this game played with some friends last January, in case you wanted to know: Sick, huh?
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this book contains over 500 insults and comebacks for you to choose from, just in case being unable to come up with a witty reply immediately wasnt humiliating enough.
Come Back with a Warrant Doormat.
What it means is that when you click on the link and purchase the product, I receive a (very) small commission.There is no more perfect game for a group of young attorneys who, having completely given up on the concept of living debt-free and owning a house, want to see exactly how depraved they can get without winding up on an episode of cops.This things got it all.13.08, kill All the Lawyers Paperweight, even in Shakespeares time they realized that lawyers were the cause of, not the solution to, many of lifes problems.Wait, all these gag gifts and he includes a Chromecast on here?Just be sure it goes with the rest of the decor theyve established.

To me, theres nothing better than a really funny gift.
This book is from The Onion who wrote the book on satirical wittiness that always wins.
Legal Decision Maker Paperweight, this paperweight might not be too far from the truth, which is a scary thing.