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I m gonna win lyrics

Deep down inside, i'm valentine day gift for gf gonna win, gonna win, gonna win.
I've gotta beat life to the punch.
I'm gonna win, you see it's a matter of pride.
I'll give it all, i gotta stand up, I gotta face.
Now it is my time.Kick it in to overdrive, im gonna win, ooh, ooh, ooh.I watch them falling, to their knees, I've worked my fingers till they bleed.Gotta play with fire, but not get burned.

I'm gonna win, win, win, i'm gonna win, win, gonna win I'm motel vouchers albuquerque gonna win I know I'm gonna win.
To keep my head, above the water.
Deep down inside, i'm gonna win, yeah, i'm gonna win.
I gotta stand up, I gotta face.
Don't want to waste it, my mind's made.Ooh, Ill pay the price, gonna win, no more.Finding the power that grows in you.Kick it in to overdrive, i'm gonna win, ooh, ooh, ooh.I'm gonna win, somehow I know I'm gonna win, you know, i've got to fight to stay alive.

Deep down inside, im gonna win, yeah, im gonna win.
Im gonna win, you see its a matter of pride.
Now I'm learning what is right as the fire burns the night.