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How to ask for gift cards for baby shower

how to ask for gift cards for baby shower

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Her thoughts: "The most elegant phrasing I've ever seen was (2) 'Flat gifts preferred' or michigan football christmas gifts 3) 'No boxed gifts please' or (4 Please support our First Home fund.' But either one makes me shudder, to be honest.".
I understand that if you've lived with your groom for five years before you got engaged, you probably already have everything you need and more.
Whether you've lived together for years and don't really need to upgrade your home, have a tiny space that won't fit any new luggage, or are working on a project that's getting pricey, sometimes all you really want as a wedding gift is cash.If you're not comfortable giving money, they've set up a small registry at Store XYZ.".90 of my stuff is in storage right now.Fiance and I b&l ultra rebate 2017 have decided not to register for gifts since we are getting married 7 hours away from our home and we are nearly 30 years old and need nothing at the moment.Be Specific About How You'll Use the Cash.Cash or a check can feel impersonal, so letting guests know where the money will go helps your guests feel more connected to the two of you and your plans.Then you can link to the stores you like. .They can collect the cards youve received and put them in a safe place so you dont have to worry about money wandering off, and your guests can give their gifts with a little peace of mind.Helpful (0 reply, i agree with word of mouth.

Helpful (0) Reply and to add to my pp be careful with not registering at all. .
Your words and support are more than enough.
Thats what we did and while we did get a few of what seemed like re-gifts and random knickknacks, we scored a bunch of gift cards and checks.
Just kidding, but she could say, "As newlyweds, I know what they'd really like most is money.
(You also need to accept the fact that, if you don't have a registry, those people are probably going to go rogue and buy you gifts anyway.) I also think you need a small, traditional registry even if you have a nontraditional registrylike a honeymoon.Youre guaranteed to have a few guests who prefer to give you a physical gift, so make the process easier for them by registering for a selection of items you really want.Register at big-box retailers with good return policies.Just asking for it!New House Girl, while it is perfectly proper to state no gifts please or your presence is your present, it is absolutely, never ok to ask for a particular gift in an invitation unless you are collecting gifts or donations for someone elses cause.Tendr is the perfect site when you're just registering for cash.

This came off my fsils site: We have no desire for gifts.
A relaxing spa day, perhaps?
I dont really think there is a polite way to ask for giftcards/money.