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Over the ten year period our event has grown by 150 in attendance and 400 in gross revenue.
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The manor itself is a looming castle lit with state of the art show lighting, amped up by hardcore haunt rock produced by Haunt Rocker Jerry Vayne.Tyler Kozar and Brandon Paul Donnelly took branding to another level.Our haunt, although we do use a large amount of animated effects to enhance the experience, is driven starbucks online discount code by our dedicated host of actors.Check out all the attractions below - there's something for everyone!Your turn of this turn of the century slaughterhouse will unveil who will win the super bowl patriots or eagles torture, gore and more.Let us cut you open and see if you can withstand the horror and terror of South Valley Hospital.Some say the tortured patients and doctors still reside within the hospitals compounds just waiting for their next patient.

But beware; legend has it that.
When the hospital was closed they found the most shocking and brutal display of disregard towards human life.
Hundred Acres Manor employs 30 staff actors to play key roles within the attraction, st christopher church gift shop these roles require the actor to have intense makeup and costuming as well as dedicated character development.Each attraction has its own unique feel but all have one common goal, to scare the living hell out of our guests.Enter the bowels of the Brine Slaughterhouse and witness the unspeakable horrors that await.Next thrift stores, garage sales, and estate sales to acquire all of the materials that truly round out the room incorporating color pallets, set dress and detail, character development, lighting and audio to pull together a cohesive product that leaves our patrons insides bleeding and.Discovered during excavation of the estate; the deadlift elevators were originally used to transport guests and staff from the families quarters to the manors deepest secrets hidden within the basement.