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Please send along an email to!
Eyeglass Direct B 33 (1.50 index) 74 (1.50 index) free / 28 Has local storefront in Brooklyn NY and offers "pickup" as shipping option.
Double check your email and try again.Chances are you probably wanted to actually wear your glasses for months/years, so don't go running them through tests that might wreck them.In the end though, if you feel that your BBB rating is unfair, feel free to contact me with the details (minus any personally identifiable customer info) if I find indications that the BBB is behaving maliciously, I'm willing to look at other possible alternatives.On one hand, I try to keep retailers at arms-length to an extent.If all else fails, you can try contacting your credit card company and inquiring about the possibility of a "charge back".This site actually used to have forums, but someone started attempting to post some fake positive reviews there so I scrapped the whole concept rather than risk exposing people to tainted information.

And that's a lot of money to put out before you've even sold a single pair.
The notion here is that I want to send the guy who clicks on the first retailer he sees to one of the lowest-risk retailers possible.
Note that not every retailer responds to BBB complaints, but many retailers.
If that doesn't tickle your fancy, m was one of the first retailers to contact me years back mentioning that they added a "reglazing" (re-lensing) service.
Unless specifically asked to delete your email, I usually try to keep everything because it makes it easier if I need to go back and see all the input I've received on "Retailer X".Beyond the aspect of it being beneficial information for readers, I also wanted to avoid the situation where retailers start using poorer coatings to cut costs.If you go the coupon route, generic site-wide coupons traditional 3 year anniversary gift ideas for her are fine (20 off all frames, 10 off purchases over 50, etc).This goes double if you notice that another retailer had the same flaw and that I didn't mention it (or if I gave another retailer credit for something and didn't mention it for your site).Read up on the retailers, check a few out, and make a well-informed decision!I started the site back in January of 2006.Start by shooting me a quick email ( ) if possible and let me know what happened.Stuff does get lost/damaged in the mail.Basically, by visiting the site, Google is learning more about you via javascript and cookies placed on your computer, and is passing on some of that information.If you've sent a review to be placed on the site, obviously that information is made public.