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Software-defined radio (SDR) opens up a huge world of fascinating information opening up the radio waves to curious hackers.
Private Internet Access (PIA) give you the ability to hide your traffic both from your ISP and from snoops over open or shared Wi-Fi networks.
The WiFi Pineapple nano Basic features PineAP, an advanced suite of wireless penetration testing tools for reconnaissance, man-in-the-middle, tracking, logging, and reporting.
Option 13: Bash Bunny (A Better USB Rubber Ducky) The Bash Bunny is a full-featured Linux computer, weaponized to impersonate flash drives, Ethernet adapters, serial devices, and keyboards.If you're looking for a tiny, Kali-compatible network adapter, the Panda PAU05 is a perfect start and our readers top pick.Image via Sparrows Lockpicks Gifts from 51100 If you can afford a little bit more than the 50 and under gifts, then these next-level hacking products will surely be appreciated by whoever gets them.Cover photo by sadmin/Null Byte Related.Image by Simple WiFi/ Amazon Option 11: Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit If you really love your hacker friends, you won't make them run around buying accessories before they can get started, which is why we recommend this CanaKit 32 GB Raspberry.Sorry for the inconvenience.If you have any questions, you can ask me here in the comments or on Twitter @The_Hoid.Image by sadmin null Byte, option 4: Panda PAU05.4 GHz Wireless Network Adapter.Starting at 124, the yard Stick is a great way to get into scanning and interacting with the signals that control devices in the RF spectrum.

Option 2: Raspberry Pi Zero W (A Great Mini-Computer).
The RTL-SDR is a low-cost SDR with a heat sink that prevents signal drift when it gets hot, causing it to perform better for accuracy in our tests.
Image via Hak5 Option 10: Simple WiFi Flat Panel Patch 14 dBi Antenna Most people don't know that Wi-Fi is basically line-of-sight and can be extended for over a mile, but the people at Simple WiFi sure.
Our top pick will set you back total rewards visa referral code 1,580.If you grab one, you can check out our guides on writing and encoding Ducky Script, automating hacking functions on your Kali Raspberry Pi, and even try the Ducky Script we wrote to steal files from a macOS computer.Speaking of wireless network adapters, Null Byte readers really like this sneaky little Panda adapter, having bought over 700 of them so far this year.The Wi-Fi Pineapple Tetra starts at 199.99 and is definitely the go-to pick for serious penetration testers or beginners learning about Wi-Fi hacking.The flagship of Hak5's Wi-Fi related products, the Tetra is a dual-band hacking tool with a web-interface that makes the penetration testing and auditing workflow a breeze.Image by sadmin null Byte, option 3: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with Case Heatsinks.How do you know what lockpick set might be best?Starting.33 a month (for a yearly subscription PIA includes a proxy server to hide your IP for application-specific tasks like torrenting Kali ISOs, and with a VPN server, you can combine with Tor with Whonix to make a fully anonymous Kali box.No one wants to break the bank on a computer to start hacking, but you don't need.It's a low-profile network adapter with a short range but great performance at only.99.

Intel HD Graphics 620, stereo speakers with Waves MaxxAudio 720p HD webcam with dual-array digital microphones.
If your hacker friend has a wireless network adapter that allows them to change antennas, we highly recommend this directional antenna that comes with tripod and cable.