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Gifts 4 kids

gifts 4 kids

I am Grayson and I am 15 years old living in Los Angeles County, California.
He and his family have been telling me of the devastation that they have experienced because of the huge.8 magnitude earthquake which hit in April this year. .
2015 will be my 6th year. .In the past, these sources have produced a sufficient amount of money to help me fill my boxes, but this year, with my increased goal, I also need.These types of stories help me to see the conditions that other people have to face in the world and allow me to appeciate how fortunate I am to be living in the good conditions I live.I feel very fortunate to be able to touch so many lives.Additionally, the number of families which have supported me has grown from 50 in 2011 to 175 in 2014.

Please, please, please help ME TO puift ihild'S hands AND TO spread love AND hope!
I have recently been sending things to them in Nepal to help their situation. .
If you have any questions about this project, please contact me and.
Currently, they are living out in the cold weather in a tent because all of the buildings are unstable. .
This is just a reminder that.Last week I received a message of how grateful they are to know me because even though we live an ocean away from each other, I have helped to improve their situation. .This year my goal is to pack 600 shoeboxes, which means I will need to raise around 10,000 for this year alone. .The total number to date is 1,005 shoebox gifts to children in countries including Nepal, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, South Africa, Madagascar, Philippines and China.Your help to offset my costs. .Thank YOU SO much FOR your support!ALL the money I collect goes directly to putting a loving, joy-filled shoebox into the hands of a child. .The more money I raise, the more shoebox gifts will be delivered.The purpose is to pack shoeboxes with toys, games, hygiene items, and school supplies. .