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Gifted aspergers misdiagnosis

Indeed, those who are gifted and as a consequence of their giftedness were diagnosed as having Aspergers, would appear to be likely to drop off the autism spectrum under the DSM-5.
Therapeutic assessment of gifted persons with asynchronous development, heightened levels of awareness, energy and emotional response, and an intense level of inner turmoil often results in good gifts for second baby their developmental transition being mislabeled as a personality or attentional disorder.
Shows empathy for others and able to comfort a friend in need.At first, you will have to help your son to catch himself, and you might do this with comments like, "I can see that you're starting to get frustrated.Then, help your son to pick a trigger or identify a "switch" that informs your son that he is starting to reach his limits of tolerance.This could help him take things less personally in the long run.Because this article is very popular, you will often find it on websites that feature gifted adult issues and information.You can ask him to tell the story first from his own point of view, and then ask him to pretend that he's the other person, and tell the story again from the other's point of view.In the presence of unusual sleep patterns, your family doctor can advise whether a gifted youngster needs further evaluation for sleep or psychological problems.Possible Problems: Critical or intolerant toward others; may become discouraged or depressed; perfectionist.will the changes to Aspergers placement in the.Image via Wikipedia, theres a fine line between giftedness and Aspergers. Any ideas as to how to get him to understand and change this behaviour?Any therapist who works with a gifted population must be familiar with these internal processes, which are utilized to develop advanced potential - otherwise, the therapist risks inflicting further psychological damage.

Strengths: Inquisitive attitude, intellectual curiosity; intrinsic motivation; searching for significance.
The goal is to model that your own and your sons difficult feelings can be observed, can be tolerated without "destroying" you or "driving you over the edge and that they can be managed in conscious, healthy ways.
Similarly, sometimes people who are gifted have Aspergers, and sometimes they dont.Possible Problems: May reject parent or peer input; non-conformity; may be unconventional.Another way you can help your son when he explodes over perceived injustices or doesn't like following rules set by others is to help him empathize.They may be criticized or disciplined for behaviors that stem from curiosity, intensity, and sensitivity.They frequently need help interacting in the mainstream world, finding supportive environments, and channeling their skills.This might involve having him recognize that he's clenching his fists or feeling tension in his body, being able to recognize and articulate "I'm angry or anything else that will help him catch himself in the process of becoming upset.Strengths: Strong sense of humor.As the parent, you have the opportunity to model healthy ways of dealing with frustration in the ways that you, yourself, react when these feelings come up for you.Poor recall for names and faces.

(Or, indeed, do all of the above, since the child is gifted and has Aspergers.
Effective therapy should involve helping the family understand and cope with the youngster's intensity.
The idea is to help your son recognize that other people have different perspectives about things, and that their reasons for doing something may be completely consistent with their own perspectives, even if they're different from his own.