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Gift ideas for vision board party

Our first how to get caa discount on via rail dream board is basically complete.
A fully designed, adorable rental home in Austin, Texas created by the fabulous entrepreneuress.
Have you ever made a vision board?
To my surprise they loved the idea.
It's around this time every year where I get into my highest vibe possible.Totally summed the whole event up!What would a really happy day look like for you?Learn how to host a vision board party including what to buy, how to structure the party, how to make inspirational vision boards, and what NOT.

What are three goals you'd like to achieve (this year/in your life)?
Bucket lists are another great tool for defining and drawing what you want into your life.
Put some of your biggest dreams there!
My latest vision board (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin).I found out that some of us have similar goals.This year I decided to invite a group of amazing women to join me and start the year by creating a clear vision of what we want to achieve.Then flip through the magazines and find words, images,"s, whatever, that go along, or add on to your goals.It will colorado mills gift card be interesting to hear about everyones progress throughout the year and maybe this will become an annual tradition.

If you follow me on, instagram stories, then you got a glimpse behind the scene.
Go around the room and have everyone talk about their boards it sparks great conversation, advice, and ideas.
Pick up some snacks, drinks, glue sticks and one poster board per person.