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Fun ways to give away prizes

fun ways to give away prizes

Use play money to use at a Bingo Auction.
Give them high fives.
Check out these silly shots from Instagram.Instead of only winning by having five chips in a row, consider playing four corners (each of the four corners must be covered X-pattern or L-pattern (making the letter on the board or cover-all (covering the whole board).Shares a system that works wonders in her classroom: I use a ticket system where I give students a ticket when I see them doing something exceptional, being kind, or being a good role model.Do you have a unique, effective way of rewarding positive behavior in your classroom?

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Each student gets his or her own card, and when all of the stars have been punched, they earn a personal privilege like an extra trip to the library or a homework pass.
Looks like shes not the only one with the idea.Amazon (affiliate links) has an inexpensive Bingo game that comes with 50 playing cards (and you can purchase additional bingo cards if needed).I want amazon gift ideas for men them to learn to do the right thing for the sake of being a quality person, not just for something in return.Send home a star note.Whose birthday is the closest to the event date?If you are at tables, youll want one prize per table.When the beach bucket is full the whole class gets a reward.Then its emailed to all the teachers to put in their classrooms. .If you have 5 door prizes, the first 5 people to get Bingo get a prize.