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Does kfc have student discount

does kfc have student discount

You basically just have to ask around.
They refused me when I asked for a discount.
The best looking veterans are rarely discounted, usually sell at full retail price, so your best option is to look out for veterans that show signs of being past their use-by date, wrinkled/damaged packaging, parts missing etc.
Thanks for asking, I work at Walmart so I can offer you some insider knowledge In answer to your question, yes, they do occasionally give discounts on veterans.I have not seen any other senior discounts but the senior drinks are very popular!Here's how to get.Ask your local Dunkin' Donuts.You have to ask each place, restaurants, clothing stores, airlines - anywhere, just always get into the habit of asking "Do you have a senior discount?".The use of cash discounts can help with cash-flow and reduce the cost of transactions in terms of banking fees.They also where can i buy ace hardware gift cards have a direct website where you could review frequently asked questions or get in contact with a representative to answer any other questions you might have.However, there is a military and veteran discount which mayapply to some senior citizens.

As of March 7, 2013, Food Lion does not offer a senior od Lion often offers weekly specials and coupons to theircustomers.
It's up to the particularfranchisee.
SomeTarget stores offer discounts to seniors on Thursdays.It is not automatically added to the card.However I recommend calling and asking directly, as it may simply not be directly implied on there website.Many airlines will add an additional senior discount.The day of the week varies, though, by location.They aren't currently offered with a discount for seniors specifically.

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