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Champion chimney sweep placerville

champion chimney sweep placerville

I couldn't believe articles I read and morons on pop up card gift box TV saying "cows are polluting the earth because of the methane gas that they expel" now there's articles saying " global warming is a myth".
I hear every one say "I think well thinking is great but in reality "thinking" is only the process between knowing the facts and not knowing a dam thing about what the hell they are speaking about.
It's only in the last few years that people are admitting that fossil fuels are bad for the environment, in fact emitting tons of acids, and other harmful chemicals not found in wood.
Furthermore fossil fuels are suppose to be filed away like last years tax forms, never meant to see the light of day after its use the year before.
The acid is directly responsible for acid rain, smog, hole in the ozone, and acidification of the oceans; its gotten so bad that we may be at the point of no return as the sun is like a laser because there is very little natural.Fact is its not so much as a "global warming" as it is "climate change" bc natural law dictates for every action there is an equal or greater re-action.Read the article I stumbled upon on the Internet at the bottom of the page All life is carbon based, carbon comes from spicejet army discount forest fires, thus we wouldn't be here today with- out fire.If you are looking for appliance for your home, I provide free local in home estimates to evaluate your needs and application individually.I can determine what is the best fit for you personally and offer free estimates and planning.Map Directions, be the first to review!Like each birth, the rebirth of the world will be bloody and painful, its either that or slowly kill ourselves like a smoker with lung cancer who cant stop will eventually lead to a slow painful death.

Sit back and enjoy the feeling of the suns rays radiating from your natural wood fire.
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I also find it frustrating that people "think" that natural gas is clean and safe while in fact natural gas is very bad for the environment and is very dangerous!
Here in reality, the facts are there are three things that effect proper combustion, its just a matter of knowing the facts for clean burning to reduce the amount of carcinogen compounds (bad smoke) to close to zero.
The second way is through burning the biobody releasing all its energy and elements in a mater of hours instead of years, though the same amount of elements are released back into Mother Earth, the only difference is one takes years, while the other only.The longer the wood needs to bring it up to temperature, the more the combustion process is hampered; the more smoke, (poison pollutants) will be emitted.The best and most important thing anyone can do to improve air quality, is to reproduce those same optimal conditions that are present when forest fires occur.In fact when the appliance is properly operated there is no smoke what so ever exiting the chimney.To stop the fossil fuel monster would mean society would collapse because governments and corporations hook on profits are like a drug dealer, they have the people hooked on the paycheques; they say its too big a monster to stop and reset society.Contact me through email @ or phone @ for any questions or to book an appointment.Many people each year are killed or hospitalized from gas poisoning and explosions from gas appliances.Fossil fuels are compounds made up of different elements, such as coal contains large amounts of mercury, and natural gas sulfur, thus wood is the healthiest and safest energy sources on the planet as it doesn't contain any carcinogenic elements.

Wood is natural, as such it falls under the realms of natural law, no matter what any bureaucrat insists, natural law and the rules of natural law apply.
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