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The first person to correctly pinpoint the location of the treasure within a 2-mile radius on the globe wins a trip for 2 to dig up the real buried treasure AND a 5,000 cash scholarship!
IF youre NOT eligible TO WIN, dont worry you can still participate in the full academic challenge, and you can still make guesses about the whereabouts of the treasure.
Do english anniversary gifts by year I really get to fly out and claim the treasure if I win?
Brain Chase Summer Learning Challenge: What.
Why Im Totally Into Brain Chase, a few reasons Im excited about Brain Chase: The treasure hunt is truly challenging, and family collaboration is a big part of the experience.It all works within the Brain Chase framework.Only stuff that we ourselves would want to hear about.Brain Chase is coming!But the question during the summer is: how do you motivate a kid to work on her academics if shes desperate for a break?Or, if youd rather participate as a family, you can compete as a team with these elective options.Written journal entries receive feedback from credentialed teachers.

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Summer learning open-ended, active, exploratory is harder to measure but just as valuable as classroom learning.
Brain Chase can be done by students who are at home most of the day during the summer, as well as those who may be attending camps or going on vacation.
The treasure hunt kicks off on June 22, 2015.
I really like that they cant work ahead.
The founders are cool.Because the curriculum is web-based, he/she do brown thomas take one for all vouchers can complete the work whenever, wherever, and in whatever order he/she prefers.It was enriching, fun, and exhilarating.Heres how: You make the experience fun and exciting.Brain Chase flew us to Norway where she dug up the treasure and claimed the scholarship prize.Kids do their own academic work, but.