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Ash ketchum pokemon win percentage

If Ash caught a Lillipup and it won a single battle throughout its entire usage, it would top the list with Goodra.
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Apologies if there are any mistakes ( and that its bound to become outdated pretty soon )!I had to do an infographic on a topic of my choosing, and being the nerd I am, I chose Pokémon.Please note that this only covers wins in official league, Frontier, and gym battles.Please welcome Snoolax, our new logo!

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I used data from this Screw Attack article ( m/news/compl ) as well as my own findings for the XY Pokémon.According to Piika (this infographics creator I used these statistics that were going around a while back, as well as my own calculations for all of Ashs.This is gaining a lot of popularity on Tumblr very quickly holy.Heres my Koffing pumpkin!This was an assignment I did for school!It isn't saying any pokemon are good or bad, it just lists them by the objective percentage of their win/loss record.