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300 win mag 1 in 9 twist

300 win mag 1 in 9 twist

I don't own a 30-06 so I have no results for it, but again, there may be a more suitable powder for it other than 4350.
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Hey guys you are always a great help.
I need a drink now.A good rule of thumb when you are looking for pressure signs and not for accuracy loads is that you can increment the loads in steps that are 2 of the maximum load.Tests by the Navy showed.62 ammo that produced pressure in the high 40's of thousands of psi by copper crusher (CUP in saami terminology would get up into the high 60's and low 70's of thousands of psi (CUP, again) if baked.With a load like Federal's 168 gr match at 2650 fps you can keep it supersonic to 1000 yards, but it will still be down around 1400 fps at about 800 yards, so at best it only adds about 150 yards of accurate range.Of up to 250 to 300 FPS.The 175's would.

As the reloading Bible tells you each firearm is different.
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Had I continued with the 1gr.
Mm STW.5 241 8 x 57 IRS 240 8 x 57 IS 240 8 x 64 S 240 8 x 68 S 280 8 x 75 RS 240.563 R sharpshooter imaging coupon code 2014 10 254.374 R 360.375 H H 12 305.338 Lapua Mag.
There is a big gap between min and max load.This walnut stock includes epoxy pillars which protect and avoid deformations of the wood and keep accuracy level stable over the time.My Brux barrel will finish at 27" For a heavier LR rifle length can be had but if I was using it for a lot of carry I can see going shorter barrel and adding powder capacity via 300 winnie case."after the bullet leaves the barrel it doesn't care what headstamp was on the case" "The 221 Fireball is what the Hornet could have been had it stayed in school" # /04/10 Re: 7mm-300 Win Mag Cat Re: rembo Joined: Dec 2006 Posts: 1,579 dc3483.Last edited by F2G1D; at 04:53.I would figure with the Barnes solid like the old X bullet, to knock about a grain and a half down at every step of the range.

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For out to 1200yds with the Mk13 (Rem 700.300WM) issued ammo was A191 which was a 190gr SMK at about 2950 fps iirc.
# /08/10 Re: 7mm-300 Win Mag Cat Re: SU35 Joined: Apr 2001 Posts: 28,277 Mark R Dobrenski Campfire Oracle Mark R Dobrenski Campfire Oracle Joined: Apr 2001 Posts: 28,277 Bozeman, Montana SU-any idea of how long a tube he's running and how much Retumbo?