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1980's nostalgia gifts

Sounds, Kerrang!, Smash Hits, Elle, The Face and many more.
Take a look back at some old issues of this popular magazine for women (and nosey men) from the 70s and 80s.
When was the last time you saw a Leyland truck?
I'm aware of the irony in referencing Star Wars here, but in the immortal words of Admiral Ackbar "it's a trap!" Ready Player One opens in Australian cinemas on March.A look back at the highly popular weekly magazine for teenage girls, which became the No1 seller in the UK during the 1970s.Chicken Dinner Candy Bar, chiclets Fruit Chiclets Peppermint Chiclets Tiny Bubble Gum Chocolate Babies Chocolite Chum Gum Clorets - discontinued in 2016 Clove Gum - permanently discontinued in 2013 Chuckles Licorice Delfa Rolls - the closest you will find are Broadway Rolls Denver Sandwich Bar.Snickers Peanut Butter - replaced in 2010 with Snickers Peanut Butter Squared Snirkles Caramel Bar Spoon Candy Squeeze Pops Smoothies Stark Candy Roll Wafers Sugar Mama Switzer's licorice Teaberry Gum Twix Java Twix Triple Chocolate Walnettos Walnut Crush Whistle Pops Whiz Bar Yoo-Hoo Chocolate Bar.

He turns into a jerk.
Does he fix the environment?
Two really great lamps from a 1970s Rons Fried Chicken restaurant.
On this page you'll find old TV ads and photos featuring many retro what is gifted education programme favourities such as Topic, Milky Bar, Yorkie, Fry's Plain Sandwich, Cadbury's Picnic etc.
Photo: Stranger Things is an "utterly wonderful" Netflix series set in the 1980s.Here you will find a selection of the most memorable music videos from the 90s including Maria McKee, They Might Be Giants, Ricky Martin and many more besides.The film is hollow, just like a real Easter egg: there's nothing inside.Blackjack Taffy - although we do carry, black Taffy, which is identical in taste.Very sweet vintage Bubble Bank.